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Hello and Welcome! My name is Carrie A. Watson and I have been a homesteader for over twenty years now. The land that I work is in the mountains of Colorado where I live with my family. Currently, my experiences have led me to a career as an author and journalist. Also included in my life experience are twenty-six years of work in the medical field.

The goal of creating this site is to share what I have learned about homesteading through the years. Learning to take care of family and home despite where you are living is an important goal. My desire is to see you succeed in whatever task you are focusing on.

Some of the topics I plan to cover here will include skills such as food production and sewing. I would also like to talk about topics like off the grid living and bartering on a regular basis. Over time, I also want to make sure I address issues that are often overlooked elsewhere. With these goals in mind, I hope you will feel free to contact me with ideas of topics you would like to learn more about.

Let’s Get Started

The most difficult part of homesteading is knowing where to start. If you already own a piece of land the process will be easier. Many people do not have this luxury though, and that should not stop you. Even if you are living in someone’s home or are now renting there are still many skills you can learn or perfect.

Doing what you can with what you have is my favorite motto when it comes to homesteading. Make use of the opportunities around you. You may have to begin learning your skills while working full-time and saving for that land. The skills you learn before you own a piece of land will become priceless you once you buy  it.

Some of the options to begin your homesteading lifestyle may include ideas such as:

  • Learning how to bake bread from scratch.
  • Trying your hand at sewing using a beginner project such as making a basic pillow.
  • Learning gardening skills with an easy to grow vegetable like radishes.
  • Create your first soap using a melt-and-pour kit as a good introduction to the craft.
  • Try your hand at making soft cheese in your kitchen.

The ideas above are good places to begin but there is another that is even better. The most important step you can do to start homesteading is to read. Research your skills before you try them. Learn about different techniques so that you can find which one works the best for you. In many areas of homesteading, there is no single right answer.

Find A Mentor

If at all possible, find a mentor in your area. There are homesteaders everywhere. In the city and in the country. A mentor will be able to give you years worth of knowledge about the area you are living in. This knowledge is priceless to have as every area is different in climate and need.

I live in a desert area that is also quite cold. Our growing season is very short and gardening can be a trial due to lack of water. I am lucky to have a mentor who can give me a heads up on local problems that I cannot find in books.

Environmental conditions not only affect gardening, but cooking as well. How successful a loaf of bread turns out may be due to humidity levels in the area. Another factor that comes into play when cooking is altitude. It is now possible to buy mixes that have high altitude directions on them. If you are using old recipes created years ago, you will not have those options available to you.

High altitude changes are only needed for people in mountainous regions. For these people though, this is a very important issue with any new recipe. I intend to share with you many of my grandmother’s favorite recipes that I have used for many years. Keep in mind when you use them that I do live in a high altitude area, as did my grandmother. This fact may mean that some recipes I post will not work as well if you are at sea level.

Until Next Time

This is where I will end this first post. It is a little taste of what is to come, and I hope you enjoy everything you find here. If there is anything you would like me to talk about in a future post, feel free to leave a message and let me know. I would be happy to cover any homesteading areas that interest you.

The goal is to have a new post up weekly to begin with. In the future there will also be a newsletter available. This will cover homesteading news, tips and products that I have used and approve of. Have a wonderful week my new friends!

May independence be yours!

Carrie A. Watson



Author: searlait2013

A writer and journalist living in the mountains of Colorado. Long history of writing, medicine, natural and alternative medicine and art. I have been blessed with a wonderful family and many treasured friends over the years. I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to getting to know you!

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